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Maria Alejandra Mosquera
   Fantastic movie.  Saw it 11 times in the theaters.  Got the digital version when it was available on 10/21/14 and have the DVD preordered and waiting for delivery on 11/11/14.  John Lloyd Young is the greatest singer out there today.  He nailed it playing Frankie Valli in this movie.  Great acting by him also.  The other stars Erich Bergen, Michael Lohmenda, and Vincent Piazza also were outstanding.  Highly recommended to anyone who wants to be transported back to the 60's.  Even the young people rave about this movie.  Not to be missed!
Bryan Griffin
   I have always loved The Four Seasons, and love the musical and its soundtrack as well. As an added bonus, "Cry For Me" (Track 7), is the ONLY song that will calm down my very active 2 year old every time it is played. It has been that way ever since he was born. Thanks to Bob Gaudio for writing many of these masterpieces, and to all of the members of the band and Broadway cast for bringing them to life.
Bailey Cooper
   was a great gift to give for xmas. It was a top favorite for gifts. was as described. was in good condition

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